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Ronald K. Stow, EMS-LA

Status: ISO 14001 EMS Trainer, Implementer, and Auditor

Relevant Experience: Mr. Stow has assisted over 65 different manufacturing operations throughout the world in their efforts to become certified to the ISO 14001 requirements. This assistance has included various activities and responsibilities, such as: hands-on development, implementation consultation; staff level training; and both second and third party auditing. He has also been responsible for the development of several health and safety management systems that were integrated with the EMS programs.

Mr. Stow has over 29 years of environmental regulatory compliance experience. Fifteen of those years were spent with AT&T/Lucent Technologies and included environmental engineering activities at a large manufacturing and R&D location. He was the corporate hazardous waste resource and developed the company hazardous waste/scrap vendor auditing program. During that time, he assisted Lucent to reduce global company hazardous wastes by 70%. From 1998-2001, Mr. Stow was a member of the EH&S strategy team, responsible for EH&S worldwide standards, corporate EH&S goals and their achievement, and overall EH&S policy and deployment. In addition, he helped to create the Lucent process safety management standard for highly hazardous chemicals.

Prior to and throughout his tenure at AT&T/Lucent Technologies, Mr. Stow has been involved with the distribution and use of chemicals, their substitution and/or elimination, chemical processes and wastes generated. He served on the Governor's Task Force on Hazmat Transportation, established the Colorado Department of Health & Environment's emergency response to hazmat incidents and investigated hazardous wastes facilities. Mr. Stow chaired the Colorado Pollution Prevention Partnership, a voluntary partnering of industry and the regulatory community for pollution prevention practices and environmental performance enhancements. While he was chair, the Lucent Colorado manufacturing facility eliminated its use of CFCs, reduced toxic air emissions by 99% and reduced manufacturing wastes by 68%, while recycling over 2,000 tons of metal and scrap per year. Mr. Stow was also actively involved with the design and implementation of a Design for the Environment EMS for one of the Lucent business units.

Since leaving Lucent, Mr. Stow is currently participating in a number of important roles with the US Accreditation Bodies. These include serving as a member of ANSI-RAB National Accreditation Program's (NAP) EMS Council, and recently as a contract NAP Accreditation Auditor responsible for witnessing EMS & QMS Registrars as they conduct third party audits. Due to his extensive knowledge and experience with hazardous materials and chemical processes across various industry sectors (plating, solvents, breweries, refineries, imaging film, IC wafer, fiber optics, wastewater treatment, aerospace), Mr. Stow was selected to be one of the RAB's auditors responsible for conducting witness audits for the Responsible Care®-14001 initiative.