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David Chatfield, CEng CSci FIChemE

Status: RCMS/RC14001 Auditor, Facilitator and Trainer

Relevant Experience: David Chatfield, a leader in the field of Responsible Care Management, has extensive experience in diversified chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. David has achieved a solid reputation in manufacturing strategies, plant management, global pharmaceutical manufacturing, engineering and environmental/safety auditing. His experience includes Site Management of facilities ranging from 60 to 600 people and in a number of these facilities has led the implementation of Responsible Care and the installation of ISO 9001.

David Chatfield has led the development of community relations at the plants he has been responsible for and this has included the establishment of community advisory panels. He has also led a number of safety/environmental plant turnarounds, accident investigations and was a Major Risk Auditor for an ACC company leading the audits of 33 global facilities.

In the area of training and development David Chatfield has led the following:
        • The development and implementation of a media relations course attended by a number of the top US chemical companies and local site media.
        • Development of an operator certification program in a batch synthesis operation that was recognized by the State (WV). Implementation of the SOCMA Operator Certification program, this included the approval of 50% funding from the State (MA) and required a formal training needs analysis.
        • Development and implementation of a Self Directed Work Team program.
        • Development and implementation of a four day supervisory program. Involved all in-house personnel and covered EHS, discipline and employee performance in a union environment. The result was an improvement in EHS performance, reduction in grievances and a significant improvement in productivity.
        • Delivery of a variety of training presentations including Responsible Care 101 module at Informex, problem solving and decision making, GMP, employee involvement and presentation skills.

David Chatfield served as chair of SOCMA's Responsible Care Committee, as a member of the SOCMA Board of Governors and Chair of the SOCMA Public Confidence Board Action Group. Consequently he has a strong working knowledge of the development and intent of the Responsible Care program.

David Chatfield is adept at developing common sense solutions and developing consistent and sound procedures. He excels at delivering training presentations and facilitating workshops.