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RCMS Internal Auditor Course
The Sierra Services RCMS Internal Auditor course was developed in full compliance with the ACC training requirements (RCMS 206). The purpose of this course is to teach students how to conduct audits of RCMS programs against the RCMS Technical Specifications (RCMS 101) and to use the information obtained to evaluate the effectiveness of the subject program.

This 2-day course provides training on the principles and practices of the Responsible Care Management System requirements, including:
        • RC Guiding Principle; RC Elements; RC Codes
        • The differences between ISO 14001 and RC with emphasis on health & safety
        • The RC Management System verification process
        • The requirements for Audit Service Providers and/or Certification bodies
        • How to incorporate "beyond the fence line" focus into audit techniques
        • Auditor qualification requirements
        • The role of the public and the public participation during the audit

The course consists of 16 highly interactive hours of classroom and workshop instruction time. Students will learn how to conduct effective audits by teaching them the important components of process auditing. This will include classroom discussion on auditing techniques and then practical hands on exercises allowing the students to use what they have learned. The students will be asked to develop elements of an auditing program and to use them in conducting an assessment of the case study facility. Workshops may include sessions on preparing for and conducting interviews; developing audit checklists, documenting objective evidence, preparing and verifying nonconformances and corrective actions, developing a process audit schedule.

Public Course (per student):
$495 when prepaid by 90+ days
$595 when prepaid by 60+ days
$695 when prepaid by 30+ days
$795 when prepaid by less than 30 days

Onsite Course: (includes travel expenses for the instructor)
$4,500 for up to 15 students
$4,000 for up to 9 students
$3,500 for up to 6 students

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