RC 14001 and RCMS
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What is RC 14001 and RCMS?
In 1988, the American Chemistry Council (formerly Chemical Manufacturer's Association) adopted the Responsible Care principles. To be adopted by all member companies, it was designed to be an industry-wide attempt to reduce impact on the environment and reduce health and safety risks to employees and the general public. Each member organization adopted these principles and instituted programs to achieve them.

In 1996, ISO 14001 was ratified and adopted as the international standard for environmental management systems. Through a formal, third party audit system, organizations are audited and certified to the requirements with ISO14001.

Recognizing that ISO 14001 included many of the same goals as Responsible Care, the ACC developed a new standard for member companies: RC 14001. RC 14001 is modeled after the ISO 14001 standard, but includes Responsible Care principles.

The Responsible Care 14001 certification process combines ISO 14001 and Responsible Care and allows participating organizations to gain accredited certificates for both ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and Responsible Care 14001 Management Systems in a single audit. The ACC has directed their members to implement RC 14001.

In a similar move, the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) is moving beyond the Responsible Care® codes of management practices to achieve better EHS performance and obtain more business value for their members and Partners. In consideration of their members needs, SOCMA assisted in the development of the Responsible Care Management System (RCMS). This is slightly different than RC 14001, for it does not require the organization to implement all element of an ISO 14001 program. RCMS expands upon Responsible Care by replaces the current practice of applying Codes with a combined 106 management practices. Instead, relevant aspects of the existing Codes are subsumed into an RCMS that is based on benchmarked best practices of leading private sector companies, initiatives developed through the Global Environmental Management Initiative, International Standards Organization and other bodies, and requirements of national regulatory authorities.

The SOCMA has directed their members to implement either RCMS or RC 14001.

How Can Sierra Services help?
Sierra Services can assist your organization throughout the implementation of either RC 14001 or RCMS. Our qualified consultants can provide you and your implementation team the following services:

        • RC14001/RCMS Training Courses
        • Implementation Consulting
        • RC 14001/RCMS Auditing
        • Responsible Care People
        • ACC Conference Presentation - Effective Internal Auditing