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Raymond C. Davis

Status: EMS Auditor, Instructor, and Program Developer

EMS-Lead Auditor ISO 14001
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager
Registered Environmental Professional

Relevant Experience: Mr. Davis is a nationally recognized EMS expert. He was actively involved with the development of ISO 14000, even implementing systems based on its model prior to 1996. Mr. Davis often is invited to speak at national association meetings because of his expertise. He has extensive ISO 14000 training experience working for Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. Mr. Davis has led many firms in implementing EMS programs in conformance with ISO 14001, and has conducted hundreds of days of EMS audits.

Mr. Davis was instrumental in the implementation of the official EMS programs at the NASA. He was responsible for the design, testing and the building of complex EMS operations throughout the operations in Cleveland Ohio and Houston Texas. The system components created are now being used as the basis for implementation efforts at dozen of related facilities.

Mr. Davis is familiar with US environmental regulations, CEMP, ISO 14000, and EMAS. He is one of the very few consultants who has provided direct ISO 14000/EMS services to the Navy, in which he provided implementation and design training.