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Ronald Stow, EMS-A

Status: EMS Auditor, Instructor, and Program Developer

MS in Microbiology
BA in Applied Science
ISO 14001 EMS Auditor

Relevant Experience: Mr. Stow has over 26 years of environmental, health and safety work experience. During this time he has successful filled positions at the EPA and with one of the nations leading telecommunications and electronics manufacturing operations. Mr. Stow held key management positions in the EH&S departments for these operations.

Responsibilities included leading a Process Management Team charged with making dynamic changes to the organizations manufacturing operations to bring them in line with Company policies, goals and worldwide standards. Mr. Stow served as the company’s representative on the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 207. He participated on various sub-committees assisting in the development of the ISO 14001 standards.

Mr. Stow played an important role in the development of over 18 EMS programs in conformance with the ISO 14001 requirements. He is a trained and experienced EMS lead auditor who has participated in auditing numerous programs to determine their conformance with the ISO 14001 requirements.

Mr. Stow is currently participating in a number of important roles with the US Accreditation Bodies. These include serving as a member of ANSI-RAB EMS Council since June of 2000, and recently as a contract auditor responsible for witnessing EMS & QMS Registrars as they conduct third party audits.