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ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Course
Having competent and knowledgeable internal auditors for your ISO 14001 assessments is a critical component to continually improving your EMS. Why not have them learn from the best?

Some of the most experienced EMS auditors in the country have designed Sierra Servicesí ISO 14001 Internal Auditor course. This class includes the following major components:
        Day One
        Overview of EMS
        Detailed review of ISO 14001 requirements
        Group discussion of conformance scenarios
        Day Two
        Audit preparation (developing and using checklists)
        Conducting interviews (including a uniquely designed group exercise)
        Documenting nonconformance

The materials used in our class are derived from actual facilities and are as close to real as we can get in a classroom setting. The materials we use for group exercises include EMS procedures, work instructions and documentation (records). While many training course providers only concentrate on auditing procedures, they miss the other half and most important component of auditing: interviewing and reviewing records.

Public Course: (per student)
$495 when prepaid by 90+ days
$595 when prepaid by 60+ days
$695 when prepaid by 30+ days
$795 when prepaid by less than 30 days

Onsite Course: (includes travel expenses for the instructor)
$4,500 for up to 15 students
$4,000 for up to 10 students
$3,500 for up to 6 students

To view when and where our ISO 14001 courses will be held, please review our ISO 14001 Training Course Schedule

Call us at 773-866-0493 so we can discuss your specific needs